php tutorial


php tutorial

JQuery is a Java Script Library and has extreme powerful and extensive features, it is simplifies used to manipulate, traversal, event handling, Ajax interaction and animation with html document. It is Java Script tool-kit designed for various task in minimal time and act of code.


Jquery originally released in 2006 by Mr. John Resig at BarCamp. It is currently maintained by developer team that led by Mr. Timmy Willison. Jquery is more powerful demand of today’s web development; various top websites are using its technologies frequently like Twitter, Pinterest and eBay.


DOM MANIPULATIONSizzle.js is Java Script library to selecting CSS element by CSS Selector Engine. JQuery implement sizzle to selecting DOM (Document Object Model) for traverse and modify their content easily.
LIGHT WEIGHTJquery is very light weight library like 19kb in size (Minified)
LETEST TECHNOLOGYJquery supports CCS3 selector.
CROSS BROWSER SUPPORTJquery has cross browser support, and its effect resume same other browser and it is compatible with them..
EVENT HANDLINGJquery provide variety of events just like clicking on link or DOM and implement animation.
AJAX SUPPORTWe can develop more responsive site using Ajax (Asynchronous Java Script and XML) and reduce page uploading time.

How to use of JQuery?

Installation on Local Machine: First we need to download Jquery inside the machine then we can implement. But major drawback is we can't get latest update automatically that made by Jquery CDN provider. We have to mannually update it.

CDN Based Version: We can directly embded CDN (content delivery network) into our HTML page. It also get regular update automatically by CDN provider.

Download Jquery

Click on Jquery download Link and get latest Jquery CDN.