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php tutorial

CSS is stands for cascading style sheets. It is used to enhance HTML tags element for design. CSS is used for formatting structured content of html. Most important benefit of CSS is control layout of many documents from one single style sheet.

CSS History

CSS developed by Mr. Hakom Lie and Bert Bos and Originally CSS came out in market 10th October 1994 as according like web developers to define and design look of web pages.

It was intended to allow developers to separate content from design so that HTML could perform more of the function that was originally based on the markup content, without worry about the design and layout.

Importance of CSS

It’s more powerful tool because with help of CSS it can affect the entire mood and tone of web site. Already well organized updated style sheets can be updated quickly and allow sites to change what is prioritized.

CSS Versions

CSS 1The first CSS version to become an official W3C recommendation is CSS level 1 introduced in 1996.
CSS 2CSS Level 2 specification developed by W3C and published in 1998. A superset of CSS 1, CSS 2 includes a number of new capabilities.
CSS 2.1 CSS 2.1 fixes errors of CSS 2. CSS 2.1 went to proposed in 2011, after being reviewed by W3C advisory committee.
CSS 3 CSS 3 is divided into several separate documents called modules. Each module adds new capabilities or extends features defined in CSS 2.