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php tutorial


php tutorial

PHP tutorial is an online web design and development education campaign in the form of online tutorial, which will light up the whole worldwide knowledge with the help of the Internet. Our service provides a free online knowledge of web design and development.

Services have been devided in two parts

  • ► Static Website Design
  • ► Dynamic Web Application Development

Static Website Design

A static website is basic website and it’s contains are fixed contains to describe information on web page. Static website’s every page is coded in HTML and display same information to every visitors that visit the page. Generally static websites used to describe both personal and business information on web.

For that type of website designing we are providing tutorial in

Dynamic Web Application Development

Dynamic websites contain is real time contain that changes according to describing information by code written in PHP or other web server scripting language. We can store information permanently inside database using dynamic web server side application.

The code within the page is parsed on the supported web server and the resulting HTML is sent to the client’s web browser.

Most demanding web application development in eCommerce, eShopping, ERP, CRM, MLM, Social Media types of application development using PHP in the world wide market.

For that type of web application development we are providing tutorial in