php tutorial


php tutorial

<table> tag is used to represent information in tabular format, also we can design in different format using table tag's attribute.

Table Tag Attribute
Table Tag AttributeDefinition
borderrepresent thickness surrounding table structure
bgcolorrepresent the background color of table
aligntable alignment in left, right or center
cellpaddingspecifies spaces in pixels between cell structure
cellspacingspecifies spaces in pixels between cells
thtable column heading
trtable row
tdtable definition
rulesdefine border as rows or cols wise and both
widthdefine table width using pixels or percentage
heightdefine table height using pixels or percentage
colspanmerge more than one columns
rowspanmerge more than one rows

Browser Support to <table> tag : Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari
< table bgcolor="#67FFF" align="center" cellpadding="10px" rules="all" >
        <th>Column Heading</th>
        <th>Column Heading</th>
        <td>Cell Value</td>
        <td>Cell Value</td>
This will produce following result:
Column Heading Column Heading
Cell Value Cell Value